“Because he is not a human being.” A petition to expel Erling Haaland from the Premier League

Norwegian player Erling Haaland has become the Manchester City star in the Premier League so far, as he needed only 8 matches to break some records in the world of football and the Premier League, and he seems ready to break more.

Haaland is currently the top scorer in the English Premier League with a good difference, after only 8 rounds of the Premier League, where he has scored 14 goals in 8 matches, including 3 hat-tricks in 3 consecutive matches at the Etihad Stadium.

Haaland’s hat-trick came against Crystal Palace, Nottingham Forest and Manchester United, a record in the English Premier League.

Haaland surpasses the English top scorer and Tottenham Hotspur star Harry Kane, who is in second place with 7 goals.

But the deadly Norwegian start also moved to the Champions League, where he finished first in scoring 5 goals in 3 matches.

In his first 22 matches in the continental competition, Haaland scored 28 goals, the fastest scorer to reach this number.

Bournemouth was the only team that prevented Haaland from scoring so far.

This seems to have angered the fans of Manchester City’s rivals, and they were “tired” of Haaland’s continued scoring.

In a cynical measure, a petition of a humorous nature was submitted to the British Parliament to remove the player from the competition, according to several British and Spanish newspapers.

As for the reason, according to the petitioners, because the Man City star, as they assert, is a “robot”, a “robot” or a goal-scoring machine, or, as the Danish goalkeeper of Copenhagen, who lost five to the Citizens, said, “is not a human being.”

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As a result of all this, a Manchester United fan has devised a new way to save teams from having to play against the Norway international.

His method was to submit a petition or petition of a strange and cynical nature to the British Parliament “to prevent Haaland from participating in the league and expel him”.

He created an account called “Ten Hag’s Reds!” A petition was prepared on the “Change” website in an attempt to prevent Haaland from playing football completely, after Haaland scored a hat-trick against the Red Devils last Sunday, which was considered an insult by City to his rival United in the Manchester derby.

He called the petition “a petition to ban Erling Haaland from football because it is unfair”.

The organizer also explained why the petition was being prepared, describing Haaland as a “robot”.

The description of the petition reads: “It is simply not fair. We can make a change. Now is the time for us people to act. This robot should not be allowed to continue in our country.”

Initially, the petitioners had set a target of 100,000 signatures, but the issue has spiraled out of control, and the petition is about to reach two million signatures.

While the petition does not hope to actually prevent Haaland from playing, it does show the level of opposition fans’ fear of the striker.

In addition, this petition will not have an impact on Haaland’s presence in England or at Manchester City, as it seems clear that the petition is merely a satirical campaign aimed at the fun and compliment of the Norwegian star for his glow in England.